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Concord Project is a global firm specializing in the management and consulting of IT projects and developments. Whether upgrading an entire network system or overseeing the development and implementation of a new software, Concord Project provides a structured approach to managing the full life cycle of information technology projects.

Based in Hong Kong, Concord Project works on an international basis, often identifying exceptional local contractors (engineers, technicians, etc.) to implement the tactical changes required of any project.

From strategy to execution, Concord Project offers full-service, end-to-end solutions that provide clear and practical processes to meet our clients' needs and improve their technology and operations.


The team at Concord Project is made up of incredibly skilled and experienced IT project managers and consultants. Because of the technical nature of our work, the PMs at Concord Project maintain a unique balance of project management experience and industry know-how - some even began their careers as computer engineers.

That means that no matter the IT need - software, hardware, network, cloud or other - our project managers will be able to identify the most appropriate project lifecycle and solutions to help you achieve your goals. They are organized, responsible and skilled, and they serve as your end-to-end solution for any and all IT projects.


To help businesses achieve and expand their goals through the strategic implementation of tactical IT infrastructure and developments.

To guide companies in their adoption of new technologies and in the advancements of their IT systems in order to enhance business operations.


Concord Project has developed a reputation and a network of success around the world.

Since our inception, we have continued to expand our service offerings to meet ever-changing and developing technology needs and standards, for example data science, cloud computing, remote operations and more.

Additionally, Concord Project has taken a vested interest in various aspects of the digital revolution, and has begun to pursue opportunities to grow our brand and operations through the strategic acquisition and partnership of exciting companies offering various services in the sphere of digital development and technological innovation.

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Concord Project offers its IT expertise through a variety of services and solutions.

We consult with clients to understand their goals, provide strategic IT initiatives to meet those goals and also manage the full development and implementation of IT projects.

Concord Project offers one single source of expertise and responsibility to minimize extraneous time and effort for our clients, by eliminating both the internal reliance on IT management and also the frustrating logistics of managing various contractors and partners.

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Concord Project is excited about the new directions in which technology is heading, and has taken a vested interest in expanding its brand to encapsulate some of these digital explorations and innovations.

Concord Project invests in new technology and digital ventures, broadening our reach and understanding of this ever-changing world, while enabling its future development.

Some new projects include:

Concord Media

Concord Project has recently acquired Concord Media, a digital media agency offering a variety of cutting-edge and tailor-made advertising solutions, including:

  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Display, Video & Programmatic Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Their vision as an agency is to assist and leverage the digital marketing world to empower brands - a vision greatly shared by Concord Project.

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New Ventures

If your company offers a product or service that looks to enhance digital development or technological innovation, and you're looking for a new partner to help you broaden your reach, please contact Concord Project today.


Concord Project always seeks to strengthen its international presence by identifying and employing skilled professionals around the world who can assist in our extensive portfolio of IT projects.

If you have experience in project management, IT or technology, or are simply an enthusiastic, driven, curious go-getter looking to grow your career, send us your CV and we'll let you know if there's a relevant role for you.


For any questions or inquiries regarding our services or availability, please provide the following information: